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What’s the best way to enjoy the winter season? With a stay in one of these gorgeous winter glamping retreats, of course!

Some people love the winter season, but it can be an uncomfortable time for others. It can be dark, cold, and wet. But have you ever considered how wonderful it would be to vacation in a place where you will never feel cold? Luxurious cottages with festive decor are waiting for you if you know where to find them.

We will highlight some of the most luxurious cold-weather glamping resorts, but first, let’s cover some basics about these popular destinations.

What is a cold-weather glamping resort?

A cold-weather glamping resort is a luxurious cabin, cozy yurt, treehouse, or glamping pod in a wintery setting. Often these glamping sites are located in an area well off the beaten path throughout snowy landscapes, and often come with amenities like hot tubs, fireplaces or a fire pit, and cozy furniture – amongst other luxuries and comforts.

From cozy beds to luxury linens, a glamping resort is for those that enjoy the finer things you’d typically have at a five star hotel – only during the winter months.

Essentially, everything a person would want for a cozy winter getaway is included, but instead of a downtown setting, they’re found off the beaten path and surrounded by nature and it’s natural beauty. If you’re looking for bars and restaurants, these aren’t for you; however, if you want to wake up with a cup of coffee and take in breathtaking views without sacrificing warmth or your slippers, this is for you.

Camping in the snow can be an exhilarating experience, particularly when you have all of the amenities of home on hand. This is where glamping comes in. Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous camping,” and it has been growing in popularity in recent years.

With that, we’ve scoured the US and found four of the best glampsites you have to try out this winter season. These destinations offer the most elegant luxury accommodations mixed with the appropriate outdoor winter activities. You won’t find snowbirds here. Let’s dive in!

The Most Luxurious Cold Weather Glamping Retreats

We’ve put together a list of the most luxurious glamping retreats that will take your winter glamping to the next level.

Arapaho Valley Ranch – Granby, CO

A View of Grand Lake in Granby Colorado
Photo courtesy of

This rustic ranch in Granby, CO, is the perfect place for those looking for the ultimate glamping destination and one of the best winter glamping retreats you’ll ever find.

It has all the outdoor, backwoods, mountain adventure you could want with a glamorous setting. Take your pick of staying in a tipi, glamping tent, or a cabin with a private deck, and enjoy your trip like royalty.

Outlander Glam Camp – Asheville, NC

Outlander Glam Camp Bell Tent

Located in the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, NC, the Outlander Glam Camp offers traditional glamping accommodations such as their Fairy Tale Treehouse Cottage and large safari tents. The French Broad River meanders through 20 acres of mountain property, which provides plenty of room for exploration and adventure.

Tbis is one of our favorite glamping resorts that offer breathtaking views. You won’t be disappointed at this wintery retreat.

Terramor Outdoor Resort – Bar Harbor, ME

Terramor Outdoor Resort
Photo courtesy of Terramor Outdoor Resort

The Terramor Outdoor Resort is one of our favorites on our list of fantastic wintertime glamping destinations. It’s nestled in the cozy seaside town of Bar Harbor, ME, and they offer some of the most elegant and authentic glamping pods you’ll see. In addition to their fancy glamping tents, they have all the adventures you could expect.

Bar Harbor is a fun northern coastal town for those that like to eat and shop on a cold day as well.

When you need to have the best winter experience, Terramor delivers.

The Ranch at Rock Creek – Philipsburg, MT

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana
Photo courtesy of WanderJobs

This secluded five-star resort offers the most authentic homestead experience you’ll ever find, but with the luxuries and amenities of a top destination resort. Between the snow, the fishing, the horseback riding, hiking trails for snow shoeing and cross country skiing, the Ranch at Rock Creek is the ultimate winter destination.

The lodging is no less exceptional as well. You can choose to stay in the luxurious Granite Lodge, the barn, or one of their many glamping tents.

When compromising isn’t an option, you’ll want to book this glamping spot.

Why choose a glamping retreat over a hotel?

It’s easy to see why people want to spend their winter vacations at a hotel. It’s warm, the food is good, and they have all the comfortable amenities you’d expect on your trip. But you can have all that – and more – with a stay in one of these winter glamping retreats.

Even first time glampers will enjoy what these resorts bring to the glamping experience.

While glamping is camping’s comfortable cousin, these aren’t your typical tents. They are luxurious cottages with cozy furnishings, elegant decor, and comforts you’d expect at any five-star resort. Some even come complete with an outdoor hot tub, fireplace, and other amenities to keep you nice and warm during the winter months.

Glamping resorts offer just about everything a hotel or vacation rental does, but with the adventures of the great outdoors.

What’s even better? Many of these glamping sites are pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friend as well.

There are many reasons to choose a glamping retreat over a hotel this winter. You’ll never feel cold at any of these places nor will you need a sleeping bag as you’ll have either a king bed or queen size bed to cuddle in. You’ll stay in luxury glamping accommodations with hot tubs perfect for curling up next to during those chilly evenings. And most importantly, you won’t be spending any time stuck inside trying to chase down WiFi signals or flipping through channels.

Stay at a luxury glamping retreat this winter!

A cold weather glamping retreat is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay warm during the winter. These retreats are available year-round but are most popular from mid-October to February. Sure, they offer mountain biking and air conditioning for the summer months, but that’s not why you go glamping there.

Whether you’re looking for a well known seaside destination such as Terramor, a mountain retreat such as Outlander, or even the whole ranch experience that the Ranch at Rock Creek offers, you’ll find a winter glamping retreat that is perfect for you and your family. At the very least, they’re all worth checking out.

So cozy up next to a wood stove with your craft cocktails in a cozy cabin and enjoy an exclusive experience.


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