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Are you looking for the perfect lightweight tent for your next camping trip? Whether you’re backpacking or just heading out to a nearby campground, selecting the right camping tent can be tricky. We’ve looked at some of the best small two-person tents available and have put together this guide to help you choose one that fits your camping needs.

We’ll look at what size tent is best for two people, how to keep it dry in the rain, and even which of these tents may be suitable for backpacking trips. Plus, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about two-person camping tents. So if you’re looking for the best affordable tent, we’ve got you covered.

Categories and criteria.

When we try out the coolest camp gear, we like to break them down into categories based on different criteria. After all, not every camper has the same needs. When it comes to 2-person tents, there are several categories that can help whittle down the options—

  • Best budget 2-person tent.
  • Best ultralight tent for two people.
  • Best 2-person tent for backpacking.
  • Most durable small 2-person tent.
  • Most weatherproof small tent.

Tight budget? Don’t worry, we found some inexpensive 2-person tents.

The first category we considered was budget. Since money is tight for everyone, let alone for extra hobbies like hiking and camping, we decided to examine the best budget 2-person tents on the market.

We kept our budget limit for this type of tent at $50. So we only considered tents that cost less than this amount but were also a great tent.

Ultralight and portability are essential considerations for a tent.

Another major factor that comes into play, especially for hikers, is the weight of the tent. No one wants a heavy tent weighing them down on long hikes, so we decided to consider the best ultralight 2-person tents available.

We set our limit for the ultralight tent at 2.5 pounds or less. So only tents that meet these criteria were considered.

Hikers and backpackers need tents as they’re always on the move.

For those into backpacking and hiking in the backwoods, we looked at the best 2-person tent for backpacking.

We looked at features like headroom, interior space and ventilation to determine the best backpacking tents for two people. We also considered factors like ease of setup, durability, and weatherproofing when making our selection.

Durability is a major consideration for campers roughing it.

We also wanted to find which tent was the most durable and could withstand rough weather conditions. So we looked for tents that were made with quality materials and had sturdy construction. We wanted to make sure they were able to stand up to tough conditions that come while camping in the wilderness.

Weatherproofing is essential for the great outdoors.

Lastly, right up there with the most durable, we looked at the most weatherproof small 2-person tents. We wanted to select the tent that could keep campers safe and dry regardless of what nature throws our way. This is because we feel that the best camping tents should be made of tent material that can withstand everything from light rain to even worse inclement weather.

We considered waterproofing, ventilation and other features like door structure and mesh windows to determine which tent was best suited for rainy conditions or sub-zero temps.

Finding the best small 2-person tent for your needs.

Now that you have an idea of the different categories we looked at when testing out 2-person tents for camping, you can narrow down your search to find the tent that best fits your needs.

So whether you’re looking for an ultralight tent for backpacking or a more weatherproof option with extra room, there’s a lightweight backpacking tent out there for you.

Best budget 2-person tent: CAMEL 2 Person Camping Tent.

Camel Crown 2 Person Camping Tent in Blue

The CAMEL 2-Person Camping Tent is a great budget choice for travelers and campers alike.

It is lightweight, portable, and waterproof – perfect for those backpacking, camping, or hiking trips. This tent is made from 150D Oxford cloth PU fabric for maximum durability and protection against wind and rain.

A fiberglass folding bracket provides hard and stable support, and the single-layer structure offers double protective barriers on the roof.

The dome shape makes it easy to install with an elastic rope connection and includes design features such as hooks, storage bags, and an open curtain with a mesh window for enhanced ventilation.

Its bright orange color is sure to stand out in any season and make this an ideal tent for your outdoor adventures.

We’re confident this budget tent will do the trick and not drain your wallet. The CAMEL is easily one of the best affordable tents for camping.

Best ultralight tent for two people: MIER Lanshan Pro 2

MIER Lanshan Pro 2 Freestanding Tent

The MIER Lanshan Pro 2 is the best ultralight 2-person tent under 2.5 lbs and a great choice for trekking, mountaineering, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports.

Made of two-sided silicone-coated nylon, it is extremely durable and waterproof with 20D nylon construction from the rain fly to the floor. It features a single mesh pocket for storage and two doors with vestibules on each side, providing plenty of space for taller hikers and all their gear to stay dry.

The setup is quick and easy in any conditions when connected with hooks, reinforced by wind ropes and tent stakes – usually taking between 5 to 10 minutes with a hiking pole (hiking pole not included).

The tent is incredibly light at 2.21 pounds for Lanshan 2 PRO making it an ideal size to pack away neatly into your backpack – 13.8″ x 5.9″ in size – resulting in a much smaller overall weight than its larger counterparts. Don’t worry, you can still fit two sleeping bags in this lightweight backpacking tent. There aren’t many freestanding tents on the market with a tent weight this light.

When it comes to sealing this lightweight tent, though, some DIY hands-on skill and ability will be required, as well as seam sealant (unfortunately, we found out that it’s not included), but once sealed, you can be safe knowing that MIER branded products come with a warranty of two years from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

Best 2-person tent for backpacking: Kelty Grand Mesa Tent

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent in Orange and Brown

The Kelty Grand Mesa freestanding tent is the perfect companion for backpacking.

This backpacking tent features two compact folding DAC press-fit aluminum poles, a Kelty Quick Corner system to keep them firmly in place during setup, and fully seam-taped fabric (weather-resistant 68D polyester), making it tough and dependable.

Weighing only 4 lbs. 1oz (2 people) or 6 lbs. 13oz (4 Person), this freestanding tent is lightweight and easy to move around, so you can find the best campsite around. The EZ-Zip Vestibule offers 30 square feet of interior space with one door and vestibule rated for 3 seasons of use. Plus, the shark mouth carry bag makes packing up and storage simple.

Kelty has been helping people make memories outdoors since 1952, bringing confidence that their product won’t let you down when you need it the most. With decades of craftsmanship behind them, Kelty gear is designed for play, built to last, and ready for whatever your next adventure may be – whether that’s around the world or just in your own backyard. It’s easily one of our favorite camping brands.

Most durable small 2-person tent: OneTigris Northgaze Canvas Tent

OneTrigris Small 2 Person Tent

OneTigris’s two-person camping tent is the perfect choice for car, RV, and other camping trips.

This durable tent is made of highly durable T/C fabric and is fire-retardant, with reinforced stress points for extra wind resistance. Other tents usually don’t have reinforced seams the way the OneTigris does.

It features a top opening for a burning stove and a hot flue pipe (the “chimney”) to keep you warm on cold nights. Additionally, it has a snow skirt (no snow skirts on entrance fabric), stove jack opening, and MOLLE webbing along the entrance fabric, and it can be set up as a porch roof with camping furniture.

Set up is easy, with only one tent pole needed, and it comes with a complete setup kit, including tent pegs and guy lines. With dimensions of 15.8 lb weight and 22.8″ x 7.8″ x 7.8″ packaged size, carrying is stress-free with its carry bag while providing plenty of room to sleep or store your items. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for car camping trips that won’t let you down in extreme weather conditions, then this two-person tent by OneTigris is for you.

Most weatherproof small tent: Forceatt Professional Camping Tent

Forceatt 2 Person Small Tent for Camping in Green

The Forceatt camping tent is perfect for backpacking and camping trips. Made out of high-quality 70D polyester fiber and windproof 7001 aluminum rod, this tent will stand up to any weather conditions.

At 86.6″ x 51.1″ x 43.3″ interior size, it can accommodate two persons while maintaining a small package size and light weight of 5.68lb (2.58kg).

The tent includes two D-shaped doors in the interior and two vestibules on the exterior. The upper portion has a large mesh window and two ceiling vents to keep air flowing, while four extra wind ropes provide extra stability during windy days. Setting up and taking down is quick and easy – just 3 minutes to assemble, under 2 minutes to disassemble – saving you precious time on your getaways!

Forceatt has you covered with their perfect after-sale service: no need for returns, free replacements if needed, and 24-hour customer support should you have questions about their product. With this tent, you can rest assured that your outdoor adventure will be stress-free.

Best all-around small 2-person tent: Night Cat Backpacking Tent.

Night Cat Backpacking Tent in Green and Red

Night Cat’s 2-person tent is designed to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast looking for a lightweight, portable, and waterproof shelter. While we put this tent as the best backpacking 2-person tent, the Night Cat would be great as a car camping tent as well.

This camping tent combines fiberglass, aluminum, and fabric with polyurethane for durability, making it suitable for backpacking, camping, and hiking in 3-seasons.

It easily accommodates 1 or 2 persons with enough room for up to 2 single-person air mattresses or sleeping bags.

The premium quality aluminum alloy poles are lightweight yet strong, weighing only 5.4 lbs. This wouldn’t be considered one of the ultralight tents, but it’s still pretty light and one of the better camping tents we’ve reviewed.

Set up and take down is quick and easy – accomplished in just two minutes using the tent hooks rather than threading poles through sleeves like traditional tents.

The double layers improve ventilation with large range mesh, an outer layer with two small mesh windows, and two D-shaped doors with dual zipper openings so you can enter and walk out from either side of the tent conveniently.

Waterproofing is ensured by 190T PET fabric on the outer layer tent walls featuring PU 3000mm waterproofness as well as 210D Oxford fabric on the bottom layer with PU 2000mm waterproofness plus waterproof tape on all seams keeping you dry even during storms or heavy rainfalls.

Plus, pegs and guy ropes make this 3 season’s tent stable even under windy conditions ensuring comfortable nights outdoors when away from home.

Must-Have tent features.

We’re confident you’ll like any of the tent options on our list. However, there are some features you might want to think about when shopping around for the perfect tent for you.


Yes, durability and lightweight are key features of a small tent, but don’t forget about pockets! Gear pockets are essential for organizing your small items, like keys or a flashlight. Look for tents with one or two interior mesh pockets plus exterior pockets to store things you need close by.

Good ventilation.

The great outdoors is amazing but can get stuffy inside your tent if not properly ventilated. Look out for vents on the top of the tent body, as well as mesh windows. This will help keep air circulating and provide better airflow to reduce humidity.


We all know that camping in the rain can be a real bummer, so make sure you get a tent with waterproofing capabilities. Look for tents with waterproof floors and fully taped seams – this will help keep you dry and your belongings safe. You’ll want to find a tent with double-walled walls, is made of waterproof PED fabric, and preferably comes with a rain fly. All of this will help keep the inner tent dry during your trip.

Including a carry bag.

Not all tents come with one, but you’ll want to double-check that your tent does. It’s always nice to have an easy way to transport your tent from place to place, and a bag is the best way to do it. Look for one with adjustable straps so carrying can be comfortable and stress-free. Whether the tent includes a storage bag or a stuff sack, both will make sure your tent stays safe and secure.

Tips for setting up your tent.

Whether you’re hitting the trails for the weekend or heading out at as a couple to a local campground, setting up your tent should be a breeze. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best experience possible:

Set up your tent on level terrain.

Make sure you choose a spot that is level and free of any sharp objects that could tear your tent floor. You want to find an area that won’t collect water in case of rain.

Secure your tent with stakes or rocks.

Ensure you secure your tent and guy lines to hold it down in case of strong winds. You can use either stakes or large rocks to keep the corners and edges of your tent in place. It never hurts to add in additional stakes and guy lines.

Check out the forecast and plan accordingly.

Be sure to check the weather in your area before you head out so you can pack and prepare appropriately. Bring extra layers for warmth, along with a tarp or other waterproof material for added protection from rain.

Check for soft spots in the ground.

If you’re camping on soft ground, you can use a tarp or plastic sheet to put underneath your tent to keep it from sinking. This will help keep your floor dry and protect against moisture buildup.

Secure all of the seams.

Seams are the weakest points in any tent and need to be waterproofed before use. Use a seam sealer or silicone-based waterproofing spray and make sure to check all of the seams in your tent before you go camping.

Make sure you have enough ventilation.

Ventilation is key when it comes to camping in a tent. Make sure that your windows and vents are open so air can circulate throughout the tent, especially if you’re using a stove or heater inside.

FAQs for small 2 person tents.

We get questions all the time about small two-person tents. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

How do I know if a tent is suitable for two people?

The size of the tent will determine whether or not it can fit two people comfortably. Look for a tent with at least 90 sq ft of floor space and a peak height of at least five feet.

How do I keep my tent dry in the rain?

Make sure your tent has adequate waterproofing and ventilation before you head out. You can also use a tarp or groundsheet underneath your tent to add extra protection from water. Additionally, be sure to stake down all of the guy lines and seams to keep the rain out.

Can I use a small two-person tent for backpacking?

Yes, many of these tents are designed with portability in mind and are lightweight enough to be used on backpacking trips. Just make sure that you check the weight limit before packing it up for your adventure.

Is a 2-person tent too small?

No, they’re usually designed for exactly two people. Sure, you can find smaller tents like a one-person tent or even larger tents for more than two people, but a two-person tent should provide the perfect amount of space for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What is the smallest tent you can buy?

There are plenty of small tents you can buy, but the smallest one we’ve found is the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Backpacking Tent. It’s only 2’8″ x 7’6″ x 36″ and weighs only 3 pounds. It combines its small size with durable tent poles. If you’re hitting the trails on your own, this is one of the best ultralight backpacking tents you’ll find.

Can a 2-person tent fit two people?

Of course! Tent manufacturers rate these tents for two people for a reason. This is based on the average size adult; however, if you have larger people using the camping tent or just need a reliable tent with enough space, then you’ll want to verify by checking out the size.

Why are two person tents so small?

Manufacturers design these tents to be lightweight and portable. This makes them easy to carry and set up in any environment. They also design them to fit two people comfortably, so they don’t need to be too large. You might be surprised at the spacious interior some of these pop up tents have.

How can I make my tent more comfortable?

There are a few simple steps you can take to make your camping tent more comfortable. Invest in a few extra pillows, blankets, and an air mattress for added padding. Ensure you also have proper ventilation and stakes to keep your tent in place. And don’t forget to bring a few camping chairs or stools so that you can sit up comfortably.

What small two-person tent is for you?

When shopping for a small two-person tent, it’s important to consider the size of the camping tent (at least 90 sq ft of floor space and a peak height of at least five feet), waterproofing and ventilation, portability and weight limit, comfort factors such as extra pillows or air mattress, and stakes. With all these considerations in mind, you can find the perfect small 2-person tent that will fit your camping needs.

Whether you’re looking for something lightweight with durable poles like the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Backpacking Tent or something larger to accommodate more people comfortably, there are plenty of options available on the market today.


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